Friday, 4 November 2011

STCW 95 Training Courses for Yacht Crew Barcelona Gibraltar and Antibes + 34 972 662 494

Our next STCW 95 course starts on Monday 7th November and our students will be completing their 5 day Fire Fighting, Personal and Social Responsibility, First Aid and Sea Survival, a mandatory requirement for Skippers and crews working on vessels over 24m. Charlie will be missed this week by the students who are sailing, the galley will return to more traditional cooking. We'll be posting some of Charlie's culinary delights here shortly. Enjoy the Fire Fighting! For STCW 95 and any of our combined Yacht Crew Courses just call +34 972 662 494 or email us here. If you hurry you might get to sail with the best Yacht Chef in the Med!