Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Gibraltar Sailing School Tidal Mile Building Charters and RYA Courses - We Sail Further For Your Sail Training

Fastrack Yachtmaster Skipper Charlie reports in from The Atlantic. "We had a quiet night on anchor at Puerto Sherry. Sail training in the Bay of Cadiz today and in at Rota now - another beautiful old town stuffed with lovely ladies and two great bars that serve Guinness. That sounds useful to me but may not be what you're looking for!!" Sounds useful Charlie, I am sure new Students will be keen to know they still get time out! "Oh, and it's 27 degrees here!"

"Our encounter with the Portuguese Navy was interesting. In line with the motto 'No One Sails Further', they boarded us at 4am, did a full inspection of my 'ship', and left with the parting words 'if you need rescuing, call us on channel 16' !! They were a nice bunch of guys, very friendly and helpful. Just a routine check, but they were impressed that we had everything they asked to see."  I am heading back to La Linea tomorrow, but thought then I would do a run over to Morocco, then up to Malaga, then back to La linea for Saturday (St. Paddy's Day, and there's a great Irish bar near the marina). Wind is a bit awkward tomorrow, but should be ok for the rest of the week." 

Cheers, Charlie

If you have time to join Charlie for some Mile Building and Tidal Sailing just Email us here for further information. You can join our yachts anywhere on dates to suit your travel arrangements.