Wednesday, 9 September 2015

RYA/MCA Master Of Yachts 200gt Fast Track 15 Weeks Lauren Passes! Join us in 2015/16 Gap Year and Fast Track.


Thanks. I cannot express how grateful and appreciative I am for everything you've done for me. You've taught me a tremendous amount of things about sailing, management and life in general. I came expecting to become a sailor and quickly realised all the experiences I have endured have helped me to become a better person. And for that, I thank you! You run an incredible sailing school! I think your advantage over other sailing schools is the quaility of instruction(all the instructors truly care about the advancement of students) and the close -knit family feel. I know sometimes you think it would be great to have more boats and skippers but being taught by a few similar styled instructors provides many benefits, such as consistency. Over all I just wanted to let you know I currently think the world of your school and style of program you provide. I couldn't have imagined having a better 3 month sailing experience! Blue Oyster & Palamos will always be apart of me I will definately be back. Thank you for everything! And if you're ever in Canada you have a place to stay. Have fun with sailing  and your daughter Harriet xx. Contact us here for further training information.