Sunday, 29 May 2016

Will Stewart Passed his BOS RYA Fast Track Yachtmaster Course today and Ashley her Fast Track Day Skipper!

Will and Ashley celebrating aboard a BOS Training Yacht.
Will Stewart successfully completed his 15 week BOS Fast Track Yachtmaster Course and is now off to work with Pavol in Croatia. With Will is Ashley who completed her Fast Track BOS RYA Day Skipper Course. Well done to both of you! Ashley Reviews her BOS course.

Susie, I am currently in beautiful Barcelona, but dreaming of being back on a student filled sail boat rocking the Costa Brava waters. I had a wonderful time and feel I learned so much in the Day Skipper course. Thank you for a great experience along with a great crew. You were so clear and concise in your lessons, Mark is very knowledgable on sea breezes, not the drink... Charlie is awesome- great and relaxed, and Steve... Probably the coolest guy in Spain. I really enjoyed all of you. On top of a great school, I feel like I met some really cool people and hope to know them for a long time. I came into Blue Oyster for an adventure on holiday, but now that I've finished my course; I'm itching to turn from my motor yachting career to a sailing one. Thanks for opening my eyes to this world. Now if you know anyone who wants a Day Skipper please open their eyes to me! 

Sincerely,  Ashley Warren

P.S. Wonderful home cooked dinners... you are quite the chef.